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“No Players” And Other Powerful Online Dating Profile Lines (Part 5)

This entry is part 5 of 6 in the series "No Players" And Other Powerful Online Dating Profile Lines

Every time I think I’ve seen it all?

One of you girls raises the bar completely.

What caught my attention this time?

It was this killer line that really attracted me:

“Recognizing and healing childhood traumas in order to become a happier and better person.” Now I’m not saying doing that isn’t a great thing of course, but it’s just not something most guys are looking for in a dating partner.

But it gets better yet.

This girl see herself as a boss lady too.

“Recognizing bull-shit and bull-shitters?”

This is what you should know “I’m really good at!”

“Smart, Sassy, No Bull-Shit, Don’t Suffer Fools Gladly, Analytical, Honest, Very funny, Great Storyteller, Animated, Great Conversationalist, Strong Work Ethic, Accountable, Loyal, Reliable, Friendly.”

I know what you guys are thinking.

“Where do I get me some of that?”

And you should, because what she’s ALSO good at?

“Being incredibly hot and unbelievably smart – at the same time.”

” – all in one tidy package!”

One thing I could definitely say from reading her profile though is she is an honest “what you see is what you get” girl. There is not a lot left to the imagination, so you’re not going to experience any surprises here.


I actually recommend that.

It is good to be yourself and not pretend anything.

But in this case what I’d also recommend?

Let’s try using smaller doses shall we?

I can just imagine this girl on a first date as well, as you’re sitting down at the table. The picture of Catherine Heigel’s character in The Ugly Truth comes to mind, as she’s debriefing her dinner partner!

Honestly girls?

The boss lady thing?

You’re better off to keep it in the board room.

When a guy goes out on a date with you?

He’s not hoping you have a sharp resume.

I’m all for you girls achieving what you want to achieve, and going for your dreams and all that. But most guys aren’t looking for a business partner when they date. They are looking for a romantic companion.

What do you think guys?

Am I being too KIND?

Maybe I should pull out all the stops here?

Just know girls I do have your best interests in mind.

Hopefully a little MALE perspective will help you.

So how about you? Are you searching the world over for a girl who can pick out the bull-shit, or would you rather have a girl who was a little more “bull-shitty,” and not so out with it?

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