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“No Players” And Other Powerful Online Dating Profile Lines (Part 4)

This entry is part 4 of 6 in the series "No Players" And Other Powerful Online Dating Profile Lines

“Workaholic needing the right man to make me stop.”


What an invitation!

I couldn’t wait to message her.

She was so clearly the one for me!

“If I don’t feel that instant attraction to your profile your eyes and smile I won’t swipe right just to be nice. I do read profiles and when there is nothing written and 1 undistinguishable picture- immediate left.”


You’re killing me!

Stop it with all this PERSUASIVE copy!

Where have you been all my life?

Do you have a sister for my friend?

“My pics are me and recent and unfiltered. I expect that from you. Also if you want to send me pics via text or email I’m not falling for that sorry. If I have mine up why can’t you?”

Every ounce of GUY in me?

It wants to say, “How high?” when she commands me.

She’s clearly such an “independent woman.”

Better message quick or she’ll be gone!

“Is it crazy to say I know there is someone out there for me it’s just that we need to find each other? I’ve even provided my Instagram to prove I’m a real person not looking for DM’s or followers.”

Actually dear?

It’s totally NUTS!

And providing your instragram?

Why would I think you want followers?

And then to top things off she says, “My partner should be easy going.” Guess that makes sense though, since she’s high strung enough for the two of us.

“I’m looking for someone who isn’t emotionally attached to someone else.”

So he can be emotionally attached to no one?

“I need a man who looks at life with adventurous eyes.”

So his eyes can wander away from you?

“Has his life together.”

So he can mess it up with you now?

“Understands what intimacy is.”

So he can tell you what it’s like?

And let’s not forget the most important one…

“Is financially responsible.”

No doubt because she needs his income to be higher than workaholic hers.

Long ago my times of taking online dating seriously ended. Now I just participate to play, and get some kicks out of what you girls do with it.

Yes I’ve met some real sweethearts online.

But you are definitely the exceptions.

Hopefully this extensive expose though?

It shows you exactly what NOT to do with your profile.

What do you think guys? Are you hoping you can message this girl before I beat you to her, and do you feel the same as her that you’re just waiting to finally meet each other?

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