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“No Players” And Other Powerful Online Dating Profile Lines (Part 3)

This entry is part 3 of 6 in the series "No Players" And Other Powerful Online Dating Profile Lines

Okay let me make this clear.

Sideways pictures?

Don’t go there.

I know you think it makes you unique.


It really just makes you ANNOYING.

In this girl’s case things got even worse, though I gave her the benefit of a doubt initially. I thought to myself, “Okay as long as it is just one sideways picture, I’ll give her a chance.”

As you might suspect?

It didn’t work out that way.

The saving grace?

She only had two pictures.

Having only two pictures is not necessarily good, though if the rest of your profile is strong enough, that really shouldn’t matter.

In this girl’s case?

Wrong again.

The sum total of her profile?

ONE word.




Now I’m all for letting your personality show, and going for a little differentiation. But the direction of your quirkiness needs to be moving toward revealing something that is actually attractive.

In fairness?

One thing I frequently hear from you girls?

“Guys don’t read your profile anyway.”

That can be true.

But then your pictures should be strong.

Having them upright?

It isn’t just a bonus then!

Now there is one thing you might be wondering right now. “Hey Kel! Didn’t you say that this crazy girl’s profile had two pictures?

Well yes I did.

I was wondering if you would ask about that.

After all?

For this profile?

“Ask” appears to be the central moment.

Maybe it isn’t that she thinks us guys are pychic after all. Maybe she is psychic (psycho?) and knew I’d forget to describe that other sideways picture to you!

Or maybe she was hinting.

Is she a yaletown girl?

Because the other picture?

It was a picture of her puppy.

You can’t make this stuff up can you?

So what do you think? Is this girl’s profile the kind of powerful thing that will help her filter down to just the guy she’s looking for, or does she have a thing or two to learn yet before you guys will be lining up to date her?

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