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No Girl Is Worth Obsessing Over

One of the advantages of dating lots of girls?

It brings things into perspective.

When you sit around wishing you had someone?

That gives you an unrealistic view of things.

When you get out and spend time with lots of girls, you start to see how they each are special. But you also start to recognize, none of them have the market on special either.

One girl is intelligent.

Another one is entrepreneurial.

This one really loves animals or kids.

That one loves to listen to you.

In one way or another, every girl is special in her own way. What you start to realize the more you encounter them, is the value they bring to your life as individuals.

But notice I said THEY?

There really isn’t one that is above all others.

Sure, there are varying degrees sometimes.

But usually their value is incommensurable.


That’s philosopher-speak.

It means you’re not comparing “apples to apples.”

The only reason you obsess over any girl, is you haven’t met enough of her sisters. You’re getting confused by the amazing feelings, that ONE girl stirs in you.


She definitely stirs you.

But so will the others when you meet them.

When you come to see this?

You’ll want to experience each of them more and more.

I’m sorry I can’t help you that this flies in the face, of your biological and societal programming. What you have to come to see is your programming? It also flies in the face of who you actually ARE.

You are a contradiction.

Between your biology and your affections.

Your biology wants you to reproduce.

Your affections tell you to connect with them.

The first is just about the race.

The second about your personal well being.

Because you cannot eliminate your programming, you will always experience some cognitive dissonance. You’ll have to perpetually make the choice, to be smarter than your DNA.

If you do?

You’ll experience love.

Experience it abundantly!

With all the girls you feel it for.

All the ones who let you in, so you can enjoy them!

What do you think? Is it time to stop pining over that one special girl, and go out and encounter the rest of them?

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