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New Relationship Energy And Relationships That Last

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It’s exciting when you meet someone new!

They are elusive and mysterious.

It’s like opening up a new spy adventure novel.

You never know where the plot will go.

When you first meet a potential romantic partner, you find them almost irresistible. You want to spend every minute you can, exploring this new story that you’re in.

The problem with this?

It doesn’t last.

Eventually you travel down all the pathways.

The longer you get to know someone?

The less exciting they become.

This is why you find your love life faltering over and over. You’ve become addicted to experiencing that thrill, and you don’t know what to do if you don’t feel it anymore.

Attraction of course is a part of life.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

But make it the basis of your love life?

You’re going to be disappointed for sure.

When it comes to relationships?

Attraction is a road that leads to nowhere.

This New Relationship Energy (NRE) experience is a very well known phenomenon. It is said to last anywhere from 6 months to about 3 years.

Once you pass that fatal point?

Your emotions start to plummet.

The person you thought was your dream come true?

They start to look very bad.

All those little nagging things that used to endear them to you?

They really start to get to you.

It is highly likely you have never matured past your addiction to NRE. Because you like the feeling of “falling in love,” you keep moving on again and again.

Relationships that last?

They are based on Established Relationship Energy (ERE).

With ERE you delve deep into who your partner really IS.

It’s not based on your fantasies.

You know?

That picture of your partner you’ve painted?

Instead, ERE is based on loving them “warts and all.”

Accepting that, just like you, they are human.

Because Established Relationship Energy is the place you really need to get to? I recommend in your dating life that you head there right from the start.

How do you do that?

You make a commitment not to worry so much about “chemistry.”

Instead, you deliberately get to know each person.

You don’t prejudge whether or not they are a “fit.”

When you hold off prejudging like this?

You’ll find that something magical starts to happen.

A totally different person will appear before your eyes, who has depth and purpose and soul. You will encounter the real living human being you would have missed otherwise.

THAT’S the person to fall in love with.

The one you can establish a real relationship with.

When you come to care for THEM?

Your love will stand the test of time.

What do you think? Are you tired of ending up nowhere chasing that “thrill,” and ready to begin the journey that leads to true happiness?

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