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My Relationship Advice Comes In Levels

What you should know about me by now?

I’m NOT an advocate of polyamory.

What is it that I’m all about?

How to nurture and sustain romantic love.

As I analyzed the whole dating and relationship scene, one thing became very obvious. Since romantic love is predicated on positive emotions, the best thing you can do is eliminate or reduce all conditions that produce the negative ones.

This is not about avoidance in Attachment Theory terms.

This is about protecting the bond you’re sharing.

As opposed to when I was a true love avoidant myself?

Now I’m ALL ABOUT enjoying sexual fulfillment and emotional connection!

But even though I think the absolute best thing you could do is to join me in full on Romantic Friendships? I realize your biological and societal programming is most likely going to keep preventing you.

Because of this?

My relationship advice come in LEVELS.

Each level adds in something bad.

Something in an ideal world I would spare you.

But because you’ve been so influenced by the default romantic paradigm of our culture, I know it is highly unlikely I will ever completely dissuade you.

The next best thing?

Pick your poisons carefully.

Whatever you can leave out of those?

Do so of course!

Level 1 is full on Romantic Friendships, where you share romantic connection with multiple partners. This is best because you can’t take each other for granted at all, and absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Level 2 is Living Apart Together.

This means you still choose monogamy.

But you have a romantic friendship instead.

You don’t mess up your connection by living together.

Level 3 is Serial Monogamy, where you recognize the demise of your relationship is all but inevitable. But you live together anyway and share that for as long as you can, even though you know the “cares of this life” will destroy it ultimately.

There is no Level 4.

Why is that?

Because committed, live in, long term monogamy doesn’t work.


So what do you think? Could this crazy Romantic Friendships guy still help you out with your relationship life, even though you choose one of these other levels for yourself?

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