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My New Years Wish For You

Hard to believe this little blog of mine?

It is now just past 5 years in the making!

At the start I wondered how I would write one blog post a week.

Now every week I’m publishing THREE of them!

I don’t take any of my followers for granted because I know there is no lack of “influencers” screaming for your attention. The fact you bless me with your presence here is something I appreciate affectionately.

This feeling of mine is amplified.


Because I know most of you don’t hold to my perspectives.

You see what I’m telling you to be way “out there.”

Yet you are still here.

In many ways my relationship with my readers is not unlike my relationship with the girls with whom I share affection. Most of them pass on reciprocating how I feel about them too.

So why do I keep on like this?

When so few of you believe me or share love with me?

I do this because I care about your love lives.

I care about YOU.

As I’ve emphasized many times about love I don’t do this to GET something from you. I’m complete in myself and happy in my thoughts and I don’t NEED any of you.

Because I don’t need you though?

I’m free to share myself with you authentically.

Yes I’d love to be doing that more intimately with some of you.

But I’m willing to share however much of me you’ll allow me to.

Suffice it to say that 2020 has been a real doozie on more than just your love life. But if there was ever a time to see the importance of what I’m talking about here it has definitely been this past year.

So what do I wish for you in 2021?

I wish for you that romantic love will become your focus.

I hope that this year you have just gone through?

It has made the right impression on you.

I wish for you that when the rubber meets the road and your days on earth are over? You will look back on the beginning of 2021 as the point where romantic love became the most important thing to you too.

Love who you love.

Love with abandon.

Open your heart and let love in.

If you do you will NOT regret it!

How about you? Could I wish anything better for you this year than to make romantic love your purpose and will you join me in making 2021 the year you embraced romantic love too?

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