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My Dating Advice In A Nutshell

What I advise you girls to do?

Quit going for the Bad Boys.

What I advise you Nice Guys to do?

Quit going for those hotties as well.

To put this all in clearer terms, I think you should quit going for who you find ATTRACTIVE. Your biological programming about who to love, is just messing you up.

Those Bad Boys who sweep you off your feet?

They’re just interested in sex my darling.

Those hotties who stir you blood my boy?

They are only interested in you as a friend.

The reason both of you are so confused, is because nature has played a cruel trick on you. It’s made you think your attraction addiction, is about love instead of sex.

This is why when you “get the guy?”

He is always emotionally unavailable.

This is why instead of “getting the girl?”

She always puts you in the friend zone instead.

If you want to change your love life, you’ve obviously got to find yourself a different strategy. Instead of pursuing who you always pursue, you need to learn to pursue someone else.

Instead of chasing Bad Boys?

Start giving those Nice Guys a chance to win you.

Instead of becoming that hottie’s orbiter?

Give those sweet, somewhat chubbier girls a look.

I know you don’t like what I’m telling you here, but it is backed up by a whole LOT of data. Do you really think you’re the first girl or guy, who has ever experienced the challenges that you have?

But I know what your asking now.

How can I love someone I don’t find attractive?

Well there’s a little secret I haven’t told you yet.

I’ll let you in on it now.

The truth is, who you find attractive is a bit more malleable than you’re assuming. Someone you don’t find initially attractive, can become VERY attractive to you in the end.

How can that happen?

By taking the time to get to KNOW them.

Once you experience genuine emotional connection?

Suddenly a different kind of attraction kicks in!

What do you say? Have you finally suffered enough, trying to get that guy or girl to truly love you, and are you willing now to test my theory now, and start dating people who maybe don’t “do it for you” just yet?

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