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My Boyfriend Doesn’t Like It

Sometimes you girls can be so silly.

Case in point?

In an earlier post I shared an approach I did.

I struck up a conversation with a cute Korean girl I met at Starbucks.

As I told you then, I don’t usually get overwhelmed by a girl, but this girl did it. When I saw her, I totally admit her physical attractiveness did me in.

So I approached her.

Of all things, in the bathroom lineup!

We got talking and I told her, “You seem nice.”

Which she was.

She smiled and we agreed to meet up.

When she left the Starbucks, she also gave me a huge smile as she walked by me. From everything I could tell, it was all systems go!

A couple hours later?

I sent her a simple text message.

“It was really great to meet you!”

About a half hour later she writes, “Me too!!!”

I always love the way you girls are so generous with the exclamation marks. For me, it adds to your cuteness, and conveys how excited you actually are.

I told her I’d message in a couple days.

I would check back to pin down a time with her.

I finished with, “Have a fun weekend!”

Once again?

“You too!!!”

All of this happened on Friday, so on Monday I checked back with her. I usually like to check in personally a bit, before getting down to business.

“So how was your weekend?” I wrote.

No reply.

Radio silence all day Monday.

By Tuesday I’m thinking she’s probably a ghost.

Oh well!

But ever the guy to experiment. I decided to give her one last chance anyway. I messaged her that I could meet up Wednesday or Thursday around 7 pm, and asked if either of those worked for her.

“I work both days,” she said.

“And my boyfriend doesn’t like it.”

I’m thinking to myself, “Ya think?”

But I left it at that.

What do you think girls? If a guy approaches you out of the blue and asks you for your number, if you have a boyfriend, do you think it might make sense to mention that?

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