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My 2020 Love Life Resolutions

A few years ago for New Years?

I told you I wouldn’t change anything!

As I sit here 3 more years out?

Entering the new DECADE?

Have I changed my mind about this intention?

To tell you the truth in many ways I don’t feel particularly different. It’s been a wild ride since I came to Vancouver 5 years ago but I don’t have any regrets.

Yes there’s been some ups and downs.

It’s been an amazing personal growth time!

2019 was the year of the breakup.


Not breakups – plural.

Just the SAME breakup over and over again.

That one is a long story and I’m gonna leave it for now because it is still writing its history. Trust me when I say though the past year has definitely been “unique” in more ways than one!

Even so?

My relationship life has STILL been very fulfilling!

I’ve enjoyed some wonderful love.

And even the way these breakups went?

That is part of the charm of Romantic Friendships!

To top that off the past year I’ve also experienced some extra curricular social group dissonance. I’ll share with you in the future as well my experience being kicked out of Facebook and Meetup groups!

Man oh man!

I’ve heard of persecution for being a Christian.

But approach your relationship life differently?

Let me tell you!

That’s when the “haters” swarm.

But the way I look at it, all of this is a good thing! If you’re not POLARIZING people you’re not having any kind of impact.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

You don’t see what you don’t see.

I was there.

I understand.

I just keep seeking to be compassionate.

Hoping somebody will listen.

Hearing all this though you might expect I’m planning on changing a few things this year. Surely if I’m getting cross noise like this some adjustments are due?

So far though?

I don’t feel that way.

The past 5 years I’ve had some WONDERFUL lovers.

I always seek to love without expectations.

Hope to find the same in return.

Hope to find the few who can love with an open hand.

Enjoy love without the baggage!

How about you? Do you feel like your love life this year was outstanding or do you think it’s time to join the lovestyle design movement?

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