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Mr Right Now Is Mr Right

I know. I know.

I don’t know what I’m talking about.

You’ve met so many Mr Right Nows it’s not funny.

And every single one of them?

They are NOT Mr Right for you..

I hear from you girls all the time, how you keep meeting Mr Emotionally Unavailable. You fall for Mr Bad Boy again and again, and every time he loves you and leaves you.

Definitely a problem.

I’m not here to deny it.

But the reason that keeps happening?

You think you NEED to find Mr Right.

Finding a guy who is emotionally available, is not the same thing, as finding a guy who will love you forever. Romantic love isn’t time indexed. It is about the here and now.

No I’m not talking about sex.

That’s what Mr Wrong is.

I’m talking about the real Mr Right.

The guy who will genuinely love you.

The mistake you’re making, is in thinking love means being there forever. Long term monogamous “happily ever after” is just a fantasy.

Romantic love is about one thing.

Okay two.

But only when you merge them.

Enjoying sexual fulfillment AND emotional connection.

That’s it.

That’s ALL.

You can enjoy these two things with anybody with whom you actually find them. Mr Right is Mr Right Now if that’s the guy in front of you.

Don’t waste your entire life.

Don’t spend it pining over a fantasy.

That guy right now?

The one who is genuinely loving you?

He’s Mr Right for YOU.

Mr Right won’t head right to sex, because he knows sex is best when he knows you. He won’t excite you right up front, but over time you’ll see how right he is.

He’ll take his time.

He’ll make sure you’re comfortable.

He’ll make sure you’re ready.

When you finally have sex with him?

It will feel like he’s making love with you.

What do you think? Have you been choosing Mr Wrong, or waiting for Mr Right, because you’ve been failing to recognize that loving, caring Mr Right Now, who is right in front of you?

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