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Most Dating Advice Is A Scam

It’s fun to watch the trends that happen in the dating and relationship world.

Because everybody’s working their marketing angle.

The pickup artists throw around terms like “bad boy” and “assh*le” to describe their ideal persona.

Coaches for you girls talk about “coming into your power,” so you can become a “power couple.”

Robert Glover tells you guys the last thing you want to be is to be a “nice guy.”

Even Sarah over at¬†Introverted Alpha, who I admired very much but I guess she’s gone, was now promoting becoming a “benevolent badass” instead.

And so the marketing world spins out its tales of what you should be and how you should become it.

Because that’s the way coaching books and programs get sold.

The tedium of it all is endless.

If I didn’t find it so amusing, I might just fall asleep and never wake up again!

The reason you have this endless circus act unfolding before you, is that we’ve fallen so far from grace.

We’ve lost what it is to be human.

Dating has become a “game” that you need to learn to play if you want to “succeed.” As if success is a word that really belongs in nomenclature of love.


I admit it.

I’ve been guilty of that as well.

But I’m reflecting more and more on what I’m seeing “out there.”

As I do I am more and more convinced we have truly lost our way.

Case in point: The “nice guy.”

Since when did you become some sort of evil incarnation for wanting to treat girls well? What is truly wrong with respecting a girl? Doing things for her? Putting her first in fact?

Oh that’s right.

If you do that, you’re “acting compliant” and she will “lose attraction” for you over time.

Because there’s something so normal about that.

About a girl disrespecting you for NOT treating her like you DON’T care!


When are you going to realize this is all just a game of charades your dating coaches have you playing, so they can market their miracle cures?

Because there has got to be something wrong with you.

Otherwise how could they help you with their “fix?”

When will you come to see just how totally okay you ALREADY ARE?

Just the way you are!

“Nice guy” qualities and all!

Girls who need you to “create uncertainty” so they don’t lose interest?

They aren’t worth your interest or time.


You don’t need to maintain a balance between attraction and affection to keep the interest of a girl who is REALLY worth being with.

Worth the effort you expend on her.

Worth prioritizing in your life.

I know, I know.

Your dating coaches will tell you I’m setting you up to fail.

But who wants to “succeed” anyway, if it means denying who you are?

Let me be your voice in the wilderness cutting through all the noise. You are COMPLETELY FINE the way you are.

Nice guys DON’T finish last.

The only reason you think you do is because you’re letting the circus set the rules for you.

Feel free to set your own rules instead!


You CAN attract her into your life by being EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE!

There’s nothing wrong with being a nice guy. You just need to learn how to meet good girls.

Sweet girls.

Girls who have their priorities straight.

Girls who will appreciate you for treating them well.

For showing them that you care.

I can help you find them.

Message me if you’d like to get started.

What do you say? Time to bypass all the scam artists and get back to normal dating again?

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