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More And More Girls Are Attracted To Nice Guys

At least that’s what a girl I know said recently.

It was part of her relationship “State of the Union.”

She sees Nice Guys as the way to go.

I’m sure you introverted guys are cheering yes?

But before you get too excited here, it is important to put these words into context. They were spoken by a girl who has recently come out of an abusive relationship.

Because of that?

What she thinks the world needs?

Guys with “brains versus brawn.”

And some really “serious intelligence.”

She thinks what is required today is Nice Guys with gigantic hearts to help girls “save the planet.” At least that’s what her “overies” are telling her apparently.

This girl is very sweet.

I met her a couple years ago.

I had no idea her partner then was a total creep.

It’s terrible the things he did to her.

While her situation is very extreme, the transition she’s gone through here is actually quite typical. Usually you girls have to experience quite a few Bad Boys, before you finally swear off of them.

But is her new message really the truth?

Have Nice Guys really become a major commodity?

Are all of your sisters lining up days in advance?

Hoping to snag the last remaining Nice Guy before they’re gone?

I’m sorry to say I don’t see this at all, because most of you are still hanging out at the wrong venue. You’re still lining up to be used and abused, because that Bad Boy energy “thrills” you.

Yes you dress it up of course.

Use words like “romantic potential” or “chemistry.”

But that is just Nature deceiving you again.

Making you think you’re “falling in love” with him.

While I wish it were true that you’re actually changing your ways, I’m not holding my breath for it. As somebody said, “Those who will not discipline themselves are destined to be disciplined by others.”

Those others sadly?

They’re the Bad Boys you desire.

The ones who keep “loving you and leaving you?”

Until you swear off them, they are going to keep teaching you!

What say you girls? Will you do the work on those insecurities of yours so you come to truly desire Nice Guys, or will you continue in the school of hard knocks until there is almost nothing left of you?

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