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Monogamy Always Looks Perfect At The Start

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If you tell me you’re a happy couple?

I’m going to ask you my usual question.

The reason is because when it comes to monogamy?

It always looks perfect at the start.

The reason it does is you are now living in a dopamine induced euphoria. You see your partner through rose colored glasses. In other words? You’re “in love.”

And because you are “in love” of course?

You want to constantly be together.

You can’t get enough of each other.

Both of you are EVERYTHING you want.

So after a while because of this you decide to “officially” become a couple. You tell all your friends and wherever you go now this new love of yours is by your side.

Since everything is going so great?

You eventually move in together.

You are so in love with each other now?

Why wouldn’t you want to be together ALL the time.

You might think what I’m going to say next is that THIS is where things start to go sideways. Once you’re living in each other’s pockets 24/7 isn’t it inevitable now?


It’s actually not.

Because that euphoria of yours is still carrying you!

You both can overlook almost anything.

Things that should annoy you are “endearing” right now.

This living together experiment has worked out so well you decide to make it permanent. Whether it’s a big wedding or a small one doesn’t really matter to you as long as you bottle this up!

After the honeymoon?

Even though your life returns to “normal?”

It isn’t really normal at all.

You’re still both so high on that drug!

The truth is this is quite the trip because it can literally go on for months or even years effectively. It’s only when you have become totally convinced it will NEVER end that you begin your subtle decline.

As the high recedes the annoyances grow.

Little things turn into big ones.

Eventually this person you thought you could never live without?

They become the last person you want in your life.

What do you think? Have I painted too pessimistic a picture here that is totally unrealistic or do you think there are reasons monogamy has the terrible long term statistics it does?

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