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Monogamy Always Looks Perfect At The Start (Part 3)

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Monogamy Always Looks Perfect At The Start

In Part 1 what did I share with you?

The classic story of monogamy.

How at first you “fall deeply in love.”

But then inevitably you eventually “fall out.”

In Part 2 I talked about your next attempt to avoid admitting the obvious. You decide the reason monogamy isn’t bringing the love you desire is only because you’re approaching it wrong.

But once those alternate approaches also don’t work?

Over and over and over?

You’d think you would finally face the facts.

Turn away from monogamy for good.

But of course since your programming is so deeply entrenched this is just too much to ask of you. Instead now you start to question the reason you wanted monogamy in the first place.

Why did you pursue monogamy at all?

Because you wanted to enjoy LOVE with someone.

Maybe that’s the reason things haven’t worked out.

You failed to recognize monogamy takes WORK.

“All you need is love” may be a really catchy phrase when you’re writing a love song. But in the real world there are bills to pay and kids to raise and love just isn’t enough.

But do you notice the subtle shift you just made?

You never set out to find a way to pull off THOSE things.

The reason you chose monogamy at all?

You wanted to enjoy romantic love.

But now suddenly when the vehicle you chose doesn’t get you to your destination? Instead of trading it in on one that will, you abandon your destination instead!

Now come “hell or high water?”

You’ve got to make MONOGAMY happen.

It no longer matters whether the two of you are in love.

What matters is that you stay together “come what may.”

Now the “success” of your relationship becomes measured in years instead of affection. As long as the two of you never break up how deeply you LOVE each other is irrelevant.

When it comes to the point of monogamy?

Now I actually AGREE with you.

Historically marriage was never about love.

It was always about property, children and inheritance.

This is why I’m constantly seeking to point you in a different direction. Though you think monogamy will let you enjoy love forever the truth is it never will.

If you truly want to enjoy LOVE?

Abandon monogamy for Romantic Friendships.

When you get rid of all the extra baggage monogamy brings?

Staying in love will be easy for you then.

What do you think? Have you fallen for the crazy trap of thinking wanting love is your problem or will you finally admit it is wanting monogamy that is keeping you from the love you actually desire?

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