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Might As Well Watch Her Boobs Bounce

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I was walking down the street today in Yaletown.

Enjoying the remaining fall sunshine.

I had bought myself a bit of groceries, and was making my way home.

As I neared my place, I saw an attractive girl approaching.

As is my wont in life, I prepared to attempt to make eye contact and be friendly. Silly me. I always hope the next Vancouver girl will not play it cold.

But as she approached it became quite clear.

The usual “guys are predators” programming was kicking in.

She had moved into resting bitch face.

Shifted her glance away from the sidewalk completely.

There was no way this potential predator approaching would get his chance to visually “rape” her. She would show him that she’s not there for his entertainment, nor for him to treat her as less than human.

When I saw her put her defences up, I also noticed something else.

She was actually pleasantly endowed.

For whatever reason, she was sporting some nice cleavage.

And I thought to myself, “Oh well.”

“If you’re not going to let me genuinely connect with you?”

“I might as well enjoy watching your boobs bounce anyway.”

So as she walked by me, I took a lot more time than I normally would, enjoying her plentiful endowments. Though I would much rather have enjoyed her smile and really connected, I figured, “What the heck. Might as well enjoy some of God’s creation.”

And THAT, dear girls, is the dilemma we face.

Those of us guys who see you as more than JUST a sex object.

We definitely see you as a sex object too.

Nature has wired things that way.

But that’s not where we want to start.

We know you are so much more than that.

We know the sexual side flows the best, when it is coming from real connection.

What was humorous to me as I experienced this whole thing? Her very mock coldness left me with nothing else. Exactly what her prudishness had her worried about. was all she had left me with.

Yes girls, guys are sexual.

Just like you are emotional.

We come at this whole thing from opposite sides.

What we need is to meet in the middle.

You need to get over yourselves.

Realize it’s alright to be sexual.

It’s actually a complement when a guy sees you that way.

Guys need to get over themselves too.

To take more time getting to know you first, and be more emotionally connective.

That is what romantic love actually is. The desire for sexual fulfillment AND emotional connection. The desire to share this total package with someone you truly value, who values you too.

But the only way you can come to see each other that way?

You need to be open to connecting.

If you keep closing yourself off to guys?

They will never see you as anything but a sex object.

How can they, when they don’t really know you?

To see you for who you truly are, you need to be open to their advances.

Let them in and see where it goes.

Flash that smile of yours and take their breath away!

What do you think girls? Could it really be so bad to let that nice guy who is approaching actually get to know you?

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