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Might As Well Watch Her Boobs Bounce (Part 3)

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Might As Well Watch Her Boobs Bounce

She was wearing a tight pair of yoga pants.

Sorry guys not Lulu’s!

Even so, the pair she was sporting?

They still offered a splendid visual.

Sadly as she left the pub I could not keep up with her as she walked away. So I had to just enjoy her at a distance as she faded from my view eventually.


She made my day.

Perked me up.

No not like that guys!

I mean her beauty perked up my attitude!

But even as she walked away, I found myself wondering once again, what she might be like as a person. If only she had she given me the chance to actually encounter her.

If she wasn’t in such a rush?

I might have found out.

But since it was not to be?

She became only another enjoyable sex object.

This is what good guys always face with you girls, when you won’t slow down. Long enough for us to say hello, and give you the chance to encounter US.

Your body is all we get to know.

And while we appreciate that completely?

To be honest with you?

We would still prefer to experience you as a whole person.

Maybe one day you will figure this out, and open yourself up to actually meeting us. Instead of always bolting away like this, so you don’t have to do so.

If that ever happens?

You’ll blow us away.

We’ll be so confused?

We’ll think we’ve arrived on a different planet!

But until that time we must settle for just enjoying your behind, instead of also enjoying what is no doubt your wonderful personality.

Even so, all is not lost.

As someone once said to me?

“Though I hate to see you go?”

“I love to watch you walk away anyway!”

What do you say girls? Do you only want us to think of you as a sex object and nothing more than that, or will you give us the chance to get to know the rest of you too so something better can happen?

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