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Might As Well Watch Her Boobs Bounce (Part 2)

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I met a tall girl today.

She was fairly cute.

Going for a ride.

Riding down the elevator in my building!

I couldn’t tell for sure when she entered if she had earbuds in both ears. To test the theory I used my standard, “So how’s your day going?”

Sure enough?

She must have realized I said “something.”

She replied with just a “Hi!”

She couldn’t be bothered to remove them to see what I said to her.

Curse of the earbuds, and yet another way you girls avoid having to talk to us. When this happened I had another “might as well watch her boobs bounce” moment.

I let her leave the elevator first.

Hoped to enjoy a nice bottom swaying before me.

I wasn’t disappointed at all.

She was well endowed in that category!

I enjoyed her until she wandered off in a different direction from me on the street, when we left the building. But once again I experienced the “nice guy’s” endless modern angst.

Though I hoped to encounter HER?

All I got to enjoy was her body.

The best I could take from this otherwise?

I could feel another blog post coming.

Of course I could have made this another part of the whole Resting Bitch Face (RBF) commentary. But since it included her wonderful assets, I figured it belonged more in this one.

What I decided at that moment?

These experiences are worthy of collection.

What is far from seldom today?

When we seek to connect?

Your BODIES are all you give us.

So I decided I’ll start collecting some stories, like how the ear buds get in the way of connecting. I’ll up my attention to this phenomenon as I seek to approach girls.

As you can see though?

This is an ever present problem.

We’re not predators.

We’re not creeps.

We’re hoping to encounter YOU if you’d just let us.

What do you say girls? Do you really want to ensure that guys keep on objectifying you, or will you start to open up and be a human being also?

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