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Meeting Girls Is As Easy As Riding A Bike

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I remember it well.

At the time I was a software geek with zero people skills.

But I could see it made sense.

Network marketing was a way to make good money.

Only problem?

I couldn’t talk to people.

I was a guy who could program in a room by myself for 14 hours and not notice there were no people there. Not exactly the aptitude to make me successful in a people business.

But I knew the business plan could work.

“I can do this!”

So off I went to learn how to meet people anyway.


What a brutal 6 years that was!

6 Years?

6 years!

You don’t think you can just walk away from your computer screen and become a people person overnight do you? Just like learning to ride a bike it takes time.

That’s your biggest problem.

You don’t want to pay your dues.

People keep telling you, “Just be confident.”

“Girls like confident guys.”

But how do you do that?

You don’t.

Nobody can DO confidence because confidence is a FEELING.

The only way you can feel confident about anything is by becoming competent at it first. It doesn’t matter whether it’s riding a bike or meeting people you can only become confident by DOING IT when you’re not.

Doing it wrong.

Over and over again.

Until you finally learn to do it right.

I bet you can ride a bike can’t you?

What would have happened if you approached learning that the way you do meeting girls?

You’d still be wondering how people balance on those things!

So how did I learn to talk to people?

I would try to say something to someone and they would look at me oddly. I’d walk away and think about how I did it and then I’d change something and try again.

At first I was so awkward it wasn’t even funny.

I was so stilted and useless.

I was tempted to hate myself.

“This is never gonna work!” I would tell myself.

“How does anybody do this?”

But everytime I fell off that bike I brushed myself off and got back on it again. Gradually I started recognizing things I was doing wrong and made corrections.

Eventually I started noticing funny things in the environment.

I’d start my conversation with THAT.

If something amuses me?

Maybe it will amuse them too.

Sure enough it did!

They would laugh and suddenly we were talking!

When I came to Vancouver as a newly single guy I realized “Houston we’ve got a problem!” I haven’t had to talk to girls for a very, very long time.

“How do I do this?”

“Wait a minute!”

“I think I’ve done this before actually!”

Different bike but same concept.

Surely it will work?

As I saw a cute girl I would like to meet I would look for something funny to start talking about. Then I’d use that as my “opener” and off we’d go!

Doing this is all second nature to me now.

But it used to be UNNATURAL.

Just like it probably is right now to you?

I’m telling you that WILL change!

And you don’t need to struggle for 6 years like I did.

I didn’t have anybody to show me.

I can help you get this right.

Hit me up when you’re ready to get started!

What do you think? Would you like to be able to meet girls as easily as you can ride a bike?

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