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Meeting Girls Is As Easy As Riding A Bike (Part 4)

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Meeting Girls Is As Easy As Riding A Bike


You’ve come a long way!

You now know how to start a conversation with a girl.

You know how to segue into the conversation.

You know how to carry it too.

All of that is nice of course but I’m assuming you’re doing this with the hope of a real relationship? Nothing wrong with just being social of course but how do you move this through so you can really get to know this girl?

To do that?

You need her NUMBER.

A way to get in touch with her.

Whether you call her or message her?

You can’t do that if you just let her go.

I have to be honest.

This is my WORST part of the process.

I regularly get into great conversations but when it’s time to close the deal?

I frequently let her walk away!

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve kicked myself and wondered what’s wrong with me. Is this because I don’t know how to get her number? Not at all!

Just like you lack confidence even TALKING to girls?

I still feel that way about this part.

And why do I lack the confidence for this?


I haven’t done it enough!

Enough to make it FEEL natural.

Remember how in Part 1 I told you confidence only comes with COMPETENCE. The fact is I just haven’t paid my dues enough yet on this one.

But I have no problem telling you how.

That part is really easy.

I have done it enough to confirm that.

So let me take a minute here and show you so you can too!

If you’ve done what I said in Parts 1-3 you’ve had a really great conversation. You’ve gotten to know this girl enough to see what’s special about her.

THAT’S the key.

Tell her that.

Say how you really FEEL about her.

“I’ve really enjoyed talking to you!”

“You’re really sweet.”

Or “fun.”

Or “intelligent.”

Or “feisty.”

Or whatever you LIKE about her.

“What do you say we catch a drink sometime?”

Saying “catch a drink” is a little bit better than saying “catch a coffee.” Coffee sounds like a business meeting but a drink is much more intimate and casual.

That’s IT.

Nothing fancy.

Then just wait and let her respond to you.

Don’t break any awkward silence at this point.

Make it clear it’s her turn to speak now.

When you ask this way the girl will immediately know you are interested in her. If she is not interested in you or has a boyfriend or is married this is when she’ll let you know.

Barring any of those things though?

She’ll say, “Sure I’d like that.”

At this point say, “Great. Let me get your number and I’ll message you soon.”

Pull out your phone.

Open a new contact record.

Then hand it to her to fill out the details.

It really is that easy.

How do I know?

Because the times I HAVE pushed through my lack of confidence?

It worked!

So what do you think? Is it really so hard to get a girl’s number or just like every other part of this process is it as easy as riding a bike?

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