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Meeting Girls Is As Easy As Riding A Bike (Part 3)

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Meeting Girls Is As Easy As Riding A Bike

So first I showed you how to start talking to a girl.

Then I showed you how to segue into the real conversation.

The conversation itself?

It’s really just more of the same.

Once she’s told you a bit about herself it’s going to be easy to ask her other things. Ask her more about what she’s saying and be curious to really know.

With a girl what is so important?

You need to be aware of her emotions.

When she really comes alive about something?

That’s worth probing deeper still.

Don’t just ask her factuals questions.

Ask her about her PASSIONS.

If a girl is interested in anything it is because of how it emotionally moves her. Ask her what inspires her about it and how she really feels.

The more a girl is sharing her feelings?

The more she is truly connecting.

The more she will feel positive about you too.

Because she feels you really care.

This isn’t a TECHNIQUE I’m talking about.

You need to genuinely be interested in her.

If you learn to truly do that she’ll want to connect with you even more. She won’t be able to get enough of you because you make her FEEL so good.

The hardest thing for a guy at this stage?

It’s to realize this isn’t about YOU.

It’s not about whether you’ll get in her pants.

It’s about whether you can see past that.

A girl who is really worth your time?

She needs to know you think she’s special.

As long as you see her as just another possibility to “get laid” it’s truly over. Sure there are girls who are down with that but most girls want more.


I’m not saying you need to be “in love” just yet.

That comes by getting to KNOW her first.

But even in this initial conversation?

That should be starting to happen now.

In fact?

That is the point of talking to her in the first place.

When you approach a girl you should never do so to see if SHE will like you. What you really should be doing is getting to know her a bit to see if YOU like her.

Do you have some things in common?

Or is she just talking your ear off?

If you’re not interested in what she loves at all?

How do you think this is going to work?

So now you’ve learned how to “open” and “segue” and “carry” the conversation.

In the next post you’ll see how to get her number and “close” the deal.

How are you feeling so far? Is this whole mysterious thing about meeting girls starting to seem more like learning to ride a bike after all?

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