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Meeting Girls Is As Easy As Riding A Bike (Part 2)

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In my last post I told you how easy it is to meet girls.

The biggest obstacle?

How do you even start?

How do you begin a conversation so you’re talking?

To understand how that one works?

Give that previous post a read.

So you’ve opened up the conversation but now what do you do with it? You’ve figured out how to START talking to this girl but what do you do next?

Here again I struggled a lot.

Not with girls but just with people

Obviously starting is not continuing.

It’s not like you can talk about that funny thing you started with for long.

So what’s next?

The segue.

The seg-WHAT?

After you’ve started talking to someone you need to direct the conversation. You need to transition from the “opener” on into the main event.

Of course I did this wrong too.

Over and over and over.

After I’d say that funny thing?

I didn’t know what to do from there.

The conversation would fizzle as I smiled awkwardly and went silent.

The awkwardness was TANGIBLE.

The person stood there wondering why I began talking to them in the first place!

What’s important to notice at this stage is you’ve created an EXCELLENT problem. You began in the last post unable to even start talking to that girl and now you actually can!

That is progress!.

You’re past step one now!

You really should start feeling CONFIDENT.

You are now competent beginning the engagement.

Use that confidence to inspire step two.

The way you segue from your humorous opening to the real conversation is really up to you. There are a thousand different things you could say to move things in the next direction now.

“Yikes! That’s not much help Kel!”

“You led me so clearly with that humorous opener thing.”

“Now you’re going to let me drown?”

Not quite.

Remember I didn’t tell you WHAT was humorous.

You figured that out yourself by observing the environment you were in.

You figure out the saguay the same way too by being observant this time about the person you’re talking to. Get curious about that girl and ask her something about herself next.

“So are you off work today or just on a break?”

“So do you live downtown?”

“What do you like to do for fun?”

You get the idea.

Just be curious and take a genuine interest in HER.

Everybody loves sharing what’s important to them.

Feeling like someone cares.

What do you think? Once you’ve had that laugh together is it so hard to just begin asking her about herself now and starting to get to know her?

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