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Meet Girls By Going To The Right Venues

I’m really not into the night scene at all.

Though I have occasionally gone there.

One thing I saw when I did?

It would be pretty easy to pick up girls.

Just not the type of girls I’m wanting.

I’ve played with this a lot to see what I think, and I’ve come to some definite conclusions. While I like the energy of you “bounce of the walls” girls, I prefer you when you’re ready to chill out more.

A couple years back?

I tried the dancing scene.

I went to a meetup that provided Salsa lessons.

It was okay, but you know what I found?

I had more fun chatting at the tables in between dances .

Once I realized the active scene just wasn’t me, this allowed me to become more focused. I began to scout out more conversational meetups, where I could meet girls who are into that too.

You’re probably thinking my success increased right?

I wish I could tell you it did.

But actually it didn’t.

Those meetups bombed too.

Either not enough people showed?

Or there wasn’t enough “new girl turn over” as it were.

One challenge with social circles like Meetup, is after a while you’ve met everybody. That’s a double negative to me, since I’m always open to love with a potential new somebody.

At a recent pub meetup?

I had better results that evening.

I met two girls that night.

BOTH of them got together with me later.

But then the organizer got his shorts in a knot.

Got uptight it was younger girls I was connecting with.

One of my biggest beefs with the whole Meetup system, is the way people keep trying to police how, and with whom, grown adults are socializing.

So where does this leave me?

What do I think?

What is my ideal venue to meet girls then?

To be honest with you?

The answer is clear.

Unfortunately the solution isn’t easy.

Because I tend to like more introverted girls, and girls who you might class a somewhat quirky? I’ve come to conclude the best place to meet my kind of girl would actually be in her apartment!


That’s right.

Because these girls just don’t go out.

Just like you introverted guys?

These girls are not social butterflies.

Still working on how to solve this one.

If you think of something please let me know!

What do you think? Are the best girls to connect with really at the clubs or are they just like you, hiding in their apartment hoping somebody will come knocking at their door?

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