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Maybe You’re Just Not Meant To Be

“Maybe we’re just not meant to be.”

When she said this I had to agree with her.

Although she was in a relationship with this guy?

Things weren’t working out very good so far.

Although I agreed they probably weren’t meant to be, it wasn’t for the reason she was meaning. It wasn’t because I had any hunch the “universe” had other plans.

You see?

This whole “meant to be” thing?

It is just another version of your Disney fantasy.

Because you can’t live with uncertainty?

You try to convince yourself it’s fate

Of course, the most extreme version of this dream is the desire to find your soulmate. There has to be one person out there who is MEANT to complete you.

Sometimes the fantasy shifts a bit.

It’s personal growth you’re after.

Then maybe you’re not meant to be with them forever.

You’re just meant to be with them for now.

This person was brought into your life by fate, so you can work on your shadow. They are meant to be with you until your personal growth journey with them is through.

Of course the truth is?

All of this is complete nonsense.

You’re not meant to be with any particular person.

No particular person is meant to be with you.

So yes, it was very easy for me to agree with her when she said this. The pity was, I also knew she was in no emotional state to hear the truth regarding it.

And what’s the truth?

You’re actually meant to be with ANYBODY.

Anybody you find yourself connecting with?

You’re meant to be with THEM.

So go ahead and love anyone with whom you experience a romantic connection. You don’t have to figure out whether or not it’s “meant to be.”

It’s NOT.

You’re just two people.

You share the desire for romantic connection.

Go ahead and be with them.

It has nothing to do with fate.

What do you think? Is there really anyone in particular you were meant to be with, or should you just open up your heart to be with anyone you love?

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