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Maybe Instead Try Making Love?

Hey guys, one thing girls always dislike?

It’s the way you crash after you orgasm.

You think it’s all about getting each other off.

To her it’s usually much more than THAT.

In a recent Psychology Today article they did a survey to get to the bottom of this. They asked 335 adults age 18 to 64 (138 guys, 197 girls) how they feel about cuddling after having sex.

No particular surprise of course.

The girls definitely wanted it.

The guys interviewed liked it too.

But nowhere near as much.

Of course this all makes sense yet again, when you take into account your natural wiring. Guys are wired for sex itself, and girls tend to respond when they feel loved.

But as I said, its worse than this.

In addition to you guys wanting orgasm?

When you finally get to that peak?

Your attentiveness completely drops.

Amazingly, the article author thinks there is something you can actually do about this. The final message he has for you guys is simply: “Stay AWAKE.”


Last time I checked?

You’re left here with very few options.

Once that vasopressin hits your brain?

The prospects of staying awake are pretty drear.

So what is the answer then, if your girl values cuddling more than orgasming? The answer is actually pretty simple when you stop to THINK about it.

If you drop off when you orgasm?

Just don’t go there.

Or if you insist you’ve got to?

Take your time first making love with her.

Instead of rushing your way to “the goal,” why don’t you slow down and really embrace each other? Focus your energy on giving her pleasure, and caressing her so that she feels loved by you.

You can make love for hours this way.

It doesn’t have to be over in a minute.

Take your time.

There is no need to rush.

Try it and see what I mean!

What do you think? Is the problem that you fall asleep after sex without cuddling, or is the problem that you just haven’t learned the secret yet of how to truly make love with with her?

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