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Marriage Is Really Just A Make Work Project

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from studying economics?

It’s that the market decides what it actually wants.

If a product doesn’t sell it is because nobody wants to buy it.

And that’s that.

The price is determined by supply and demand as well.

If everybody wants something and there is little supply?

They will pay a lot more for it.

If there is a lot of supply?

Nobody will be willing to pay at all.

The market is very efficient. It will always produce what people actually want.

But governments just don’t get this.

They think there are things the market SHOULD want that it is not producing.

So they create “make work projects” to bring those things about.

The funny thing is?

These projects only last as long as the government keeps injecting cash into them.

Then the market reasserts itself.

Because nobody actually wants these projects.

If they were actually wanted?

The market would have already produced something like them.

People participating in make work projects have no good long term prospects.

Their involved in something that has no future.

As soon as the government stops feeding it?

The project will end.

And they will lose their jobs.

Because it’s not what anybody was actually wanting.

Marriage and monogamy are a lot like this. People ACTUALLY WANT romantic love in their lives. Romantic love isn’t about marriage or monogamy at all.

Do you need to be married?

Not to experience romantic connection with a partner.

Do you need to be monogamous to experience that?


Just loving each other will do.

All you need is to find someone who shares your desire to experience sexual fulfillment and emotional connection that is mutually shared and enjoyed.

But people don’t recognize this.

They think you SHOULD want to be monogamous.

You SHOULD want to be married.

You SHOULD want to run a household.

You SHOULD want to have kids and raise a family too.

There is nothing wrong with any of these things per se.

But if what you ACTUALLY want is romantic love?

You don’t need any of them.

By tacking any of these things onto your love, you are creating a make work project that has nothing to do with what you’re ACTUALLY WANTING.

At least if what you’re really wanting is romantic love.

And like all other make work projects?

Monogamy and marriage have no good long term prospects.

They have no future.

Because they require you to focus on something other than what you actually want.


And just like the market eventually reasserts itself, romantic love does also.

You cheat and have an affair.

You experience love for more than just your partner.

You lose your love for your partner altogether…

So you abandon marriage or monogamy.

Your make work project ends.

If not physically?

At least emotionally.

What you ACTUALLY want will always win out over what you think you SHOULD want.

That’s why I don’t do monogamy anymore.

Because I know what my heart desires.

I want to keep the doorway open to love.

Will you join me?

What do you think? Is it time to quit making work for yourself and focus on your love life instead?

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