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Make This Year Your Year Of Love

To say that 2020 was a doozy?

That would be an understatement.

But once 2021 rolled around?

Needless to say, it brought 2020 into perspective.

These past two years have definitely taken their toll in the love category. Little chance to connect with people in person, has led to more long distance relationships..

Thankfully you don’t have to meet up to experience love.

And I’ve definitely enjoyed some wonderful connections “at a distance.”

While I still think of these as romantic connections?

I definitely feel the lack of opportunity to enjoy sexual fulfillment with them.

But when life dishes you something other than you expect, you can either whine or be adaptive. Not only have I been enjoying love now, but I’ve also been investing for when we can finally connect in person again.

One thing I can see happening in my life?

A “girl in every port” kind of experience.

I’d love nothing more than to travel the world.

And enjoy romantic love with all the girls I’ve connected with like this!

What a different life I’m living now, than the one I lived for so long when I was married. It’s a pity I was so emotionally unconnective back then. I just didn’t know what I was missing.

But since I’ve changed and opened up my heart?

All I want now is to enjoy romantic connection.

There are so many girls who I’ve come to truly love?

Maybe this year they’ll open their hearts to me!

As I’ve told you before, it is not a necessity for me that girls reciprocate the love I feel for them. I am always in a state of being filled up with love, just by the affections I have for them.

What I hope for you this year?

The same thing I’ve hoped for you now for several.

That you’ll make it your resolution to prioritize love.

That you’ll no longer relegate love to playing second fiddle.

There is nothing more worthwhile than to love and be loved, which is why romantic love is my purpose. There is nothing more important to me in my life, than to share my heart with the girls I value.

So go out there this year with your heart on your sleeve!

Tell that guy or that girl how you feel about them.

Don’t wait for the timing to be ideal.

The ideal time is always NOW!

How about you? Have you figured it out yet, that love is the thing that will give your life its meaning, and will you join me in making 2022 the year, that you finally put romantic love ahead of everything?.

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