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Loving More Than One Person (Part 3)

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Loving More Than One Person

When I walked into the restaurant?

I saw Lexi right away.

In her bright blue top?

She was stunning.

I found myself wishing there was some way I could strike up a conversation with her. Possibly see if I could walk away with her number.

But then when the hostess sat me down?

That’s when I noticed Lexi’s cute companion Frances.

In contrast to Lexi, Frances had a more studious look.

I immediately thought of my “quirky girl” weakness.

And as so often happens for me when I have experiences like this, I immediately found myself thinking I could fall in love with both of them.

Sure I’d need to get to know them first.

What I was feeling for them right now was only attraction.

But I knew right away the way they carried themselves?

It would take very little time until I’d be completely enamored.

This was when I began to hatch a plan, since I had already decided to write this blog post about them. They reminded me so much of the girls I told you about in Part 1, who I shocked when I indicated I wanted both of them.

What I did next was bold I guess.

Definitely not something I have ever done before.

I approached these girls’ table and asked them straight out,

“Would you be willing to let me take your picture?”

I explained to them about this blog post series, and how I myself am polyamorous and into Romantic Friendships. I told them I found both of them attractive for very different reasons, and proceeded to explain what I meant by this.

I told Frances she seemed like the “nerdy friend.”

She laughed and agreed this was accurate.

I told Lexi she seemed more the “classic beauty” type.

She confirmed when I said she didn’t seem like a party girl.

So with their agreement obtained I took the picture above, to capture the uniqueness of this moment. And although I assured them I wasn’t doing this to “hit on them” at all, if they were interested even now I would definitely love to get to know them.

But that must remain up to them.

I’m definitely not one to push or make anyone uncomfortable.

But I’m grateful to these lovely creatures nonetheless.

They showed me once again, I can definitely love more than one person.

How about you? Do you ever have an experience where you find yourself into two people like this for very different reasons, and if so do you agree with me you could definitely fall in love with both of them?

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