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Loving More Than One Person (Part 2)

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Loving More Than One Person

In Part 1 I told you about two girls.

I loved both of them.

But only one of them was meant to be.

Since then I’ve loved lots of other girls too.

Just like how shocked those two girls were when I asked why I had to choose between them, you probably wonder too if you could love two people at the same time.

Apparently you’re not alone.

A recent Psychology Today article?

It talks about this possibility.

Insist you definitely CAN.

Though the article says you can indeed experience love for more than one person, it qualifies this by saying you can’t do this without psychological dissonance.

Why is that?

The claim is emotion is partial.

If you’re not exclusive in relationship?

It wears you too thin.

The author claims when a person’s lover comes to love someone else, it is seen as a contradiction. The person on the receiving end says, “He cannot romantically love both me and her at the same time.”

But read between the lines?

There isn’t really a contradiction.

What’s happening is “jealousy, fear and humiliation.”

All things I’ve addressed before.

The author is quite correct on why you can love more than one person. It is because “a few significant characteristics of the beloved” make it “complementary rather than contradictory.”

Just what I’ve said many times?

A major reason you know you can do this?

You love more than one child.

More than one friend.

You do this ALL THE TIME.

The only reason it is different with romantic love is because of societal programming. Yes, and also a little bit because of Nature’s plan.

So why don’t you give it a try?

Embrace Romantic Friendships!

Enjoy each person you love.

Leave them free to do the same as well.

How about you? Do you recognize you’re capable of loving more than one person, and don’t you think it’s time to finally just let yourself love them?

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