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Love Never Fails You Just Redefine What Success Is (Part 2)

Unlike what I said in Part 1?

Maybe personal growth is NOT your take on relationships.

Maybe you really DO believe romantic love is the point.

You just look at things more realistically.

You agree that the statistics for long term monagamy show it to be a total failure but you think that’s just because of how monogamous success is being defined.

Can’t you just remove the goal of “forever” from it?

Accept the fact your relationship will likely end eventually?

Why not embrace serial monogamy instead?

Then you can still say monogamy is successful!

To it’s credit this idea does affirm your romantic connection is the point of your relationship. It also acknowledges the evidence by rejecting the hope of “happily ever after.”

But while this may seem like a rational response?

Don’t you see once again what you’re doing?

By redefining your goal the way you are?

You’re saying monogamy’s failure IS romantic success!

This “answer” really isn’t an answer at all because it doesn’t address the central question. Can your love’s chances of surviving actually BE improved by changing how you approach this whole relationship thing?

Serial monogamy says it can’t.

That the demise of your love is virtually inevitable.

Instead of stopping what’s giving you the bad results?

It encourages you to keep shooting yourself in the foot anyway!

The whole point of Romantic Friendships is to question that the demise of your love has to happen. What I keep telling you here is you actually CAN change things up and get a different result.

The problem with love is not love itself.

It is the WAY you are going about it.

And it’s not rocket science what you’re doing wrong.

The challenge as always is with you ACCEPTING this.

By making love your relationship’s sole purpose and removing all the other things that even serial monogamy insists must be a part of it? You CAN change the results you’ve been experiencing without having to redefine what romantic success means.

Romantic Friendships are your best fighting chance.

A way to potentially extend your love indefinitely.

And if per chance your relationship DOES still end?

They make experiencing a break up better as well.

What do you think? Is redefining success by embracing serial monogamy really the answer for your love life or are you better to embrace Romantic Friendships so you bypass serial monogamy’s failures as well?

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