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Love Isn’t Meant To Be Efficient

In a recent newsletter I read?

The author talked about climax.


Not THAT kind of climax.

He meant the climax of a story.

When you go to a movie you’re there to find out where the story will go. But because you’re there for entertainment, you don’t want it to happen quickly.

You want the story to slowly unfold.

Each twist to get turned.

And as they do?

See the characters develop.

But when it comes to your love life, this author says you can’t afford that. If you do, you’ll end up left in a gray area.

You should rush to the climax.

Sprint to the goal.

Don’t take your time.

If you do?

Love will escape you.

The classic example is where you don’t make your intentions clear, and you end up in the dreaded friend zone with someone.


You should make your move.


You don’t even know this person yet?

Doesn’t matter.

Just act like you do.

Heaven forbid you should actually take time for the two of you experience each other. Why would you think that love should have anything to do with familiarity?

Why does love fail?

Could THIS be a cause?

Not the only one.

But one of them?

In actual fact, if the person you’re getting to know can’t take time? That is an indicator to you that they are probably not the right person.

It’s not about chemistry.

It’s not about excitement.

When does real romantic love occur?

When you truly come to VALUE each other.

What do think? If you don’t push things as quick as you can will you miss out on love, or is that actually why you keep missing it?

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