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Love Is Valuing Who He Is Not Holding Out For What He Isn’t

“I just don’t feel any chemistry.”

“I don’t think we’re romantic potential.”

“I thought about it and decided.”

“I don’t want to go there with you.”

One way or another most of you girls I’ve loved, have given me the same answer. Although you think I’m a really great guy, you just can’t see us being more than “just friends.”

The funny thing is you very same girls?

You struggle with the guys you’re into.

“I don’t understand why he’s not replying?”

“Why are his intentions so unclear?”

Then I ask you why you think it is that you’re into a guy who is giving you mixed messages, but you’re not into a guy who is clearly right here loving you.

At this point I get blank stares.

Because you just can’t grasp the obvious.

Instead of being open to love?

You want the buzz those Bad Boys bring.

“Oh no,” you say, “it’s just that I know I bring a lot of value to the table. I’m looking for a little Quid Pro Quo from a guy who wants to be with me.”

So once again?

He’s not enough.

You’re still looking for perfection.

“I’m not looking for perfection,” you say.

“But my deal breakers need to be met.”

Perfection or deal breakers, it’s all the same, because you are not free to just love anybody. Instead of valuing each person for who they are, you’re always saying “No” because of something they’re not.

Listen to me girls.

Nobody will ever meet your criteria.

While you’re holding out for what you think you want?

You’re missing out on what you could actually HAVE.

Love is simple and easy once you get your mind out of the way of it. Once you follow your heart and just open yourself up to love, things become quite clear.

That guy right in front of you?

The one you’re so convinced isn’t the answer?

He actually is the one you should open up to.

You’ll be surprised if you give him a chance!

What do you think? Are you really open to love or are you actually holding out on it?

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