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Love Is The Total Point

In a Facebook group I frequent?

A person asked an important question.

“What if my partner won’t come out?'”

“What should I do?”

I felt for this person of course because I’ve encountered similar realities about polyamory. I’ve had partners who chose to keep me a “secret” from their friends and family.

But I’ve always been okay with this.

I know I’m pushing society’s “standards.”

But the real reason I don’t mind it?

I’m totally comfortable with who I am.

The question of your love life always comes down to whether you are okay in your own skin. Then you’ll be okay irrespective of what anybody else thinks or does.

Once you are okay with yourself like this?

You can enjoy love irrespective.

The relational “baggage” others worry about?

They no longer have any effect on you.

Then the only thing that matters is to “love and be loved.” You can love your partner and enjoy connecting without them having to change a thing.

In the closet or out?

Long term or short term?

Monogamous or non-moogamous?

It no longer matters to you.

Once love is the total point, you become free to simply love them. You value your partner for who they are and let them offer what they will.

Everything you receive from them?

It’s an undeserved gift you receive with gratitude.

Because you no longer NEED their love?

You’re free to love them with an open hand!

But to love this way you need to do the deeper work of healing. Though it’s not easy to become okay in yourself, it is so worth it in the end!

As always I wish this for you.

And if you need help getting there?

Reach out to me.

I’m always just one message away!

How about you? Would you like to learn to be okay in yourself so you’re free to just love your lover, and if so will you reach out now and let me give you a helping hand?

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