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Love Doesn’t Just Happen To You

“I keep waiting for this gut wrenching feeling to come over me that I don’t want to lose you, but it just isn’t coming.”

She said this because the feeling of love was gone.

Her woundedness was just too great.

She didn’t know how to get it back again.

This is why love escapes so many of you girls. You think love is something that “just happens” to you.

You have no control over it.

You can’t do a thing to influence it.

When you come to be in love you call it “falling,”, because you think it overwhelms you so you can’t resist it.

It breaks my heart to watch you girls because you’re genuinely wonderful.

You give your hearts so freely.

So fully.

You sacrifice your own wishes for your partner, and put his needs ahead of your own.

You back him in his endeavors and seek to spur him on.

You really are precious!

All this is of course because you are emotional creatures. It is frightening at times to watch you.

You say you don’t want to move quickly to sex with a guy.

But if he stirs your emotions, you will compromise what you’ve told him that you want.

You enjoy experiences and easily become bored if your circumstances aren’t changing frequently.

“Girls just wanna have fun!” is your cry and there is a lot of empirical evidence to back that claim.

Nobody knows the world of emotions quite like you girls do.

As a guy I celebrate you for that. I love your energy. It makes me feel alive!

Because I’m not like you.

Instead I’m calm and consistent.

Reliably solid.

The kind of guy you often say you want to be “your rock.”

Someone you can depend on as your ever shifting emotional storms arise.

Yes you add color to my life.

You spice up my otherwise unchanging world.

While your emotional life is rich and full and glorious, it is also your demise when it comes time to restore a wounded love.

Because you’re used to just going with your emotions.

Letting them lead you.

It’s how you ended up in love in the first place.

Or so you think.

You think love came over you when you encountered your partner and felt the way he made you feel.

It didn’t really matter much what he thought about things.

What he was doing or saying.

It was the feeling.

Am I right?

Of course I am!

As guys if we are wise, we will learn quickly that making you feel, is the way to what we desire from you.

As long as we can make you feel, you will respond.

That is what you are.


But this puts you in a very precarious place in your love life.

Because if you truly cannot love by actions you can choose to carry out, then how can you recover from a love that is lost?

Because when love is lost, it must be found again.

You must DO things to restore it.

And while your guy can do a lot to help you feel again, you also must do things too.

You think doing must be motivated by feeling. If you don’t feel it, you just can’t do.

This becomes your emotional Catch 22.

The quandry that the girl at the start of this blog post found herself in.

To restore love you MUST do before you can feel again.

But without feeling you just don’t think you can act.

So what is the answer?

How do you escape this dilemma?

You must come to recognize that even when you first “fell” in love, you didn’t really fall at all.

You only thought you did.

You actually did a lot of things that produced the feeling of romantic love within you. Things you can do again.

To restore lost love, you must act first.

Act until the feelings come back.

They won’t come back if you just sit there waiting for them to come.

Have you lost a love and want to find it again?

That’s what I can help you do.

You can find love again. You can restore it.

There are real things you can do to kindle the flame again.

I’ll help you learn to do them.

Want help awakening love again?

Contact me and let’s get started!

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