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Let Me Remind You How Nice It Was

“I’ve been thinking,” she said.

Never a good sign that one!

“I’d prefer there is only friendship between us.”

In other words, “It was nice but now it’s over.”

As I received her message I couldn’t help thinking of Christian Grey and Anastasia. How Ana wrote Christian to pass on his offer to her and tell him, “It was nice knowing you.”

His answer was himself of course.

And he chose to remind her.

When he appeared at her place “out of the blue?”

Needless to say it WASN’T over.

So what would I say to this love of mine if I appeared “out of the blue” to reminder her? Though my reminder would be quite different than Christian’s was, it would still consist of reviewing with her what she was leaving behind her.

“I’ve never had the pleasure,” you said.

“Of dating someone like me.”

“So should I ghost you or do somethilng avoidant huh?”

Well you’re doing that NOW apparently!

You told me, “You’re lucky‚Ķpeople don’t even get a first date,” and, “Not every day I get the pleasure of such stimulating company.”

“Stimulating on more than one level too!” I teased..

“Wish I could be there for a cuddle.”

“Bravery is wonderful when there is an ocean though,” you replied.

“I can promise you that the bravery wouldn’t stop there.”

I asked you, “So what brings you peace sweetie?” You talked about going to pet your horses. You said you like to bake a lot and I asked, “So what is the first thing you will bake me?” “Hmm I think perhaps quiche and muffins.”

Then you asked me what brings ME peace.

I said writing at the café or a seawall walk.

When I said a hot tub would be good but not alone?

You replied, “Definitely better with company!”

When you said, “It would be very nice to enjoy a walk with you,” I asked if we’d be arm in arm but you confirmed you’re definitely a nice little compact 5″5′ hand holder. That you’re definitely “touchy feely” and “all the normal things.” You just take some time to “be in that safe feeling.”

I told you, “Time is what we have dear.”

You said my emotional responses surprised you.

All of this and MORE is how nice it was.

I just wanted to remind you!

What do you say my little nerd? Do you really want to walk away from all this love just because of how it comes packaged, or will you step out of your comfort zone and give us a chance to see where it will lead us?

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