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Less Is More When It Comes To Romantic Love

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I know a lot of you girls think I’m trying to pull a fast on one you.

You want to find the “love of your life” and I keep telling you to settle for so much less.

I’m telling you to give up the idea of a “one and only.”

In fact, I recommend you give up that “only” thing as well.

I suggest you can find love quite easily if you don’t have to OWN the ones who love you.

I suggest opting for Romantic Friendships over monogamy.

I suggest you not even live with your lover even if you only have one guy in your life.

A while back I even took a shot at the subject of having children, suggesting you think twice about that one too.

In every way you can imagine I’m asking you to settle for LESS.

Why would I do that?

Don’t I care about your love life?

Am I just trying to line up a bunch of girls who will go all polyamory with me?


It’s nothing quite so sinister.

I’m just a guy who looks at facts and calls them what they are.

I’m not the guy who came up with the 50% divorce statistics.

Or the 80-83% unhappy monogamous relationship statistics.

Nor did I make up the fact that attraction always fades.

That you can’t find love that way.

All of these things are just realities that are staring you in the face if you open up your eyes and really take the time to look at them.

It’s time to step out of your Disney Fantasy world.

Acknowledge the harsh realities.

But you’re looking at this all wrong.

I’m not here to rain on your parade.

I’m the one standing here giving you the GOOD news!

I’m telling you how to get what you’re REALLY after, by getting smarter than your DNA.

Because left to what nature’s got for you?

You’ll always end up with less by insisting you want more.

Yes I know it is a cruel trick.

The way nature has wired you?

It’s made you think you can find your one and only.

Live happily ever after.

When it really has no intention of you finding happiness at all!

I’m sorry that dream ISN’T going to work out. That your intention or belief is NOT going to manifest the love you desire if you pursue that path.

But the good news though?

You can recognize this!

Your conscious intention really can make a difference.

You can let logic lead your love life.

Take a minute to think about this.

What you really want is romantic love right? To experience sexual fulfillment and emotional connection that is mutually shared and enjoyed.

That is the more you’re really TRULY after.

All the rest is just nature’s window dressing.

But you need to come to grips with this.

Then you need to do this as well:

Ask yourself what is the MINIMUM NECESSARY to experience this kind of love RIGHT NOW?

Do you need a “one and only?”


Do you need to cohabit?


Do you need to have children or build a life together?

Nope! And nope!

Do you need to find someone who is everything they would need to be so you can trust them to stay faithful and stick around for the long run?

Again, a resounding nope!

You don’t need ANY of that.

Not at all.

All you need is to find someone who like you, desires to share a romantic connection.

Someone you click with only for that.

A connection that is real and fulfilling and nothing else.

You can find that kind of love with anyone who has given up on the fantasy of the FAKE MORE, and “settled” for the REAL MORE you both are looking for instead.

But that’s not settling at all.

When it comes to romantic love?

Less really is more!

The only reason it looks like you’d be settling for less?

it’s because you’ve been sold by nature’s sell job.

You were never going to reach your goal of romantic happiness that way anyway.

When you opt for what I’m telling you, you aren’t settling at all. Instead you’re simply opting for the real deal.

Because this is what romantic love actually is.

And that’s what you were desiring all along.

Don’t miss out on love you can can actually have.

Don’t keep waiting for a fantasy love that is never going to transpire.

Are you ready to join the revolution? To open your heart to finding love with anyone you experience it with?

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