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Less Is More When It Comes To Romantic Love (Part 3)

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Less Is More When It Comes To Romantic Love

The only “positive” argument for monogamy I’ve heard?

It’s that you can’t reach love’s “pinnacle” without it.

Unless you and your partner are both committed and “all in?”

Any love you experience will always pale by comparison.

By offering you Romantic Friendships like I am, I’m leading you away from the love you’re deserving. Why would i tell you to settle for less, when such relationship bliss is your birthright?

So let’s pretend this is actually the case.

That there are people who reach monogamy Nirvana.

How many “successful” monogamous relationships actually do?

My guess is a very tiny minority.

Most happily monogamous people just don’t talk like this, nor lay claim to the ultimate romantic experience. Instead, they say that after the helluvalot of pain they went through, they finally found their way to a place of CONTENTMENT after all of that.

But add up all these happy ones?

The blissful and the ones who didn’t get there?

They still only make up at most 20%.

Which means your failing to do so, still remains astronomically inevitable!

The facts are in and the evidence has been set, regarding your chances of reaching monogamous ecstasy with your partner. You are more likely to be struck by lightning it seems, or get lucky and win the lottery.

Am I really pulling a dirty trick?

Leading you down a garden path here?

Is it really true that I’m pointing you to LESS?

Or am I pointing you to the MORE that is actually possible?

I know it feels like I’m talking about a love that is so much less, than the fantasy you were raised on. But the truth is going to be even harsher yet, if you keep following that path they sold you.

But what I want you to see?

Despite all the bad press?

What I’m steering you to?

It is NOT a love that is lesser.

The truth is that once you get rid of all the extra baggage monogamy brings, that’s when your love takes up wings, and is finally free to flourish!

Though “less is more” feels so false?

It couldn’t be any truer.

Romantic Friendships are not a fantasy love.

They are a love that can be enjoyed by mere mortals.

What do you think? Is “more” really more when it comes to love and will you miss out on the ultimate love if you pass on it, or is chasing that dream what is messing you up and keeping you from experiencing the more that is actually attainable?

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