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Just Drop The “Don’t Be Boring” Clause And We’re Good!

As you know by now?

I don’t see a problem with being a Nice Guy.

Being a Bad Boy is overrated.

It’s not really gonna get you the girl.

It’s always nice now and then though to find a female author who agrees with me. In her article Nice Guys Are From Uranus? Amy Alkon confirms this for you too.

In her nomenclature?

What she doesn’t like though is the “overly-nice guy.”

This is the guy who is all saccharine and no spice.

Who’s trying to beat her to death “with a Hallmark card.”

She’s definitely an independent girl who is completely happy without a guy to love her. She says this is the type of girl you should be looking for too.

Girls like this?

They actually like REAL Nice Guys.

And just like I told you before?

She thinks the Bad Boy’s better traits are all you need.

But then when she begins to describe what she means unfortunately she turns a wrong corner. Instead of emphasizing confidence and charm she still expects you to feed her need for “speed.”

The best Bad Boy traits according to Amy?

They are still “drama and surprise” ultimately.

To her what this translates for you?

Don’t be BORING please!

If there is one thing that bores me in a girl it is her belief that I’m here to entertain her. I have zero interest in a girl who is addicted to being entertained instead of being entertained with me.

I meant it when I said it.

You should totally avoid girls who bore easily.

As long as she’s still a dopamine junkie?

She is going to eventually TIRE of you.

Really loving a girl is not about creating all sorts of surprise and excitement for her. It is about the two of you just BEING together and enjoying the connection you share.

If Amy would just drop the “Don’t be boring” clause?

Then she would totally have me.

Until she does I’m sorry to say?

She hasn’t totally shaken the Bad Boy thing.

What do you think? Do you have to forever play the role of a circus monkey for a girl to really love you or is it possible to finally find a girl who just loves you for who you are?

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