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Just Call Me Einstein!

I often laugh at the facial expressions.

When I share my view of relationships?

When I say I won’t commit to a girl?

That I’m into Romantic Friendships instead?

People assume I’m a player but then I say I’m not “out for sex” either. I tell them what I’m interested in is actual RELATIONSHIPS.

Since I want much more than just a one night stand?

Needless to say I totally confuse them.

They just don’t know what to make of me.

What can I say?

I know it’s really crazy right? It’s like I’m trying to square the circle. Trying to have the best of both worlds without walking in either one of them.

Usually people say find “the one” or play the field if you want to.

But can you really do what I’M doing?

Cut a straight line down the middle between the two?

Isn’t what I’m suggesting absurd?

Am I from another dimension?

I guess you’ll have to be the judge of that for yourself, but all I know is what I DESIRE. I want to enjoy romantic connection in my life with girls who share this passion with me.

Love is easy.

So easy it isn’t even funny.

To have love in your life right now?

All you need to do is be open to it.

Though I know I’m flying in the face of everything society and your friends and parents always tell you? I just keep putting myself out there and extending my offer to the special girls I encounter, in hopes they’ll want to play with me.


I know I can’t use that word “play.”

There you go again making it sexual!

What I really want though is to make love.

Real love.

Love that flows out of true emotional connection.

Rather than squaring the circle, I see what I’m doing to be more like Einstein’s physics. He discovered a deeper truth about reality, and revolutionized the complete paradigm that everyone was using up to that point.


That’s me.

But instead of the Theory of Relativity?

I’ve developed the revolutionary Theory of Relationships.

As Einstein once said it?

“Everything should be made as simple as possible.”

“But no simpler”

I can’t think of a simpler way to enjoy a romantic connection than Romantic Friendships. Like Einstein, I’ve removed all of the non-essentials so that only what is important remains.

What is left?

ONLY romantic love.

Just sexual fulfillment and emotional connection.

Because I value you?

And you value me?

We can share this thing together!

Want to?

How about you? Are you ready to join the relationship paradigm shift, and get on the cutting edge of this new science?

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