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Just Because He Doesn’t Make A Move On You Doesn’t Mean He Isn’t Interested

“We went out for a couple of months.”

“But he never made a move on me.”

Since this was the first time she and I met up?

It wasn’t quite the time yet that I could ask her.

But what I was thinking in my mind was, “Why did you think he needed to ‘make a move’ on you? Wasn’t the fact he was spending time with you enough to indicate he was really interested?”

This is a lesson you girls need to learn.

Any guy who escalates physically with you quickly?

He’s not the guy you’re hoping he is.

Nine times out of ten he’s just playing you.

The secret to identifying a really great guy, who is worth falling in love with? He wants to spend more and more time with you, so he can really get to know you.

This is the way good guys fall in love.

And when he does fall for you?

Believe me.

One way or another it’s going to happen.

You just need to learn to be more patient.

Part of what lets a good guy know that you’re a girl worth falling in love with? It’s that you will spend that kind of time with him and not end up friend zoning him.

Eventually though if it’s feeling too slow?

Do what a girl once did for me.

One time when we were nice and close?

She looked in my eyes and said simply,

“You should really do what you want to.”

When we were both done kissing for that very first time she said, “If you had done that an hour ago, I would have kissed you back.” As you can see she also was hoping I’d “make a move” but to her credit, she made it easy for me to do so ultimately.

But most of you girls do the exact opposite.

If a guy asks if he can kiss you, it’s a total turn off.

So once again, your belief he needs to “make a move?”

It prevents you from reaching your desired outcome.

I know you think consensual means you don’t kick up a fuss, when we “finally” make a move on you. But a lot of girls these days feel the opposite about that, and we’re liable to end up in a law suit.

I’m a believer you can both find your way.

I’m sorry today it is so complicated.

But even so, if he doesn’t “make a move?”

It does NOT mean he is uninterested in you.

What do you say girls? Could you give him some help and let him know you’d be happy if he kissed you, and push past that little fantasy generator of yours and just say, “Yes!” if he asks you?

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