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Join The Lovestyle Design Movement!

I’ve told you how I came to see romantic love the way I do.

What I haven’t shown you yet?

How I came to design my lovestyle.

Since this is central to an easy and simple love life?

I want to show you that now.

As with most things this was a gradual evolution. It started when I really began to think about the clutter in my life.

Influence number one was minimalism.

The idea that psychological clutter bogs you down.

This can stem from a messy desk or home.

It can come from too many toxic relationships.

Minimalism says remove everything.

Be sure only what is worthwhile remains.

From there it was a pretty natural next step to embrace the Lifestyle Design movement. I read the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris and I saw my great mistake.

You’ve done it too right?

You did what they TOLD you to.

You went out and got a “good education.”

So you could get a “good job.”

Once that was in place you asked yourself,

“Okay. What kind of lifestyle do I get?”

The Lifestyle Design movement says you’ve got this completely backwards. First decide the kind of lifestyle you want then figure out how you will finance that.

Since you desire romantic love?

It is a no brainer you should make it central.

But here too you’ve done things backwards because THEY told you to.

You’ve gone out and gotten yourself a job and a home and children.

Once those were in place you asked yourself,

“Okay. What kind of love life do I get?”

Just like your occupation shouldn’t determine what you get for a lifestyle, similarly your lifestyle shouldn’t determine how you get to experience romantic love.

Love comes first.


Because it always fails if it is not the priority.

All the things you insist on instead of love?

Those are the reasons your relationship life is a mess.

Since LOVESTYLE is the point of everything?

You should design a lifestyle where making love is central.

Instead of always trying to find a place for love?

Make everything else flow from it.

Once I saw this it was just a matter of putting two and two together. What kind of lovestyle will help romantic love flourish in your life?

This is why I embrace Romantic Friendships.

It is the lovestyle design that puts romantic love first.

It removes all of love’s psychological clutter.

It focuses only on what is truly worthwhile.

I highly recommend it to you too.

What are you waiting for?

What do you think? Are you ready to join the lovestyle design movement and become a part of the revolution that is finally putting romantic love first?

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