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I’ve Become A Hopeful Romantic

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I’m sitting right now listening to music.

This time it’s stuff I’ve written.

An album of songs I wrote a long time ago.

About a girl I loved back then.

The situation was crazy because this girl already had a boyfriend. He was away to university though, so “while the cat’s away” as they say!

I started hanging out with her.

Chatting while she was working.

We spent a lot of evenings too.

We connected amazingly.

You might think I was out of my mind trying to date a girl who was already “committed.” But my attitude back then was “Until he puts a ring on it? She’s fair game.”

To me it just made sense.

If I was ABLE to pull her away from him?

This definitely meant that connection of theirs?

It wasn’t worth the paper it wasn’t yet printed on.

The more time she and I spent together, the more I came to love her. I’ve always been a hopeless romantic, and this time the word “hopeless” fit more than usual.

She definitely came to love me too.

I actually think for a while she was quite conflicted.

She should have thanked me because by leveraging this?

She finally got that boy of hers to set a date for it.

But while the encounter was going on, I composed an entire album of songs for her. To this day I feel this is some of the best music I ever wrote.

As you can probably tell by now?

That was in my pre-Romantic Friendships days.

I was still looking for “the one” at that time.

But as you can see, it didn’t work out quite so well in the end.

Since I’m such a hopeless romantic, what changed so I will no longer participate in monogamy or “commit” to anyone?

The major change I went through?

I became a romantic REALIST.

Now I’m a HOPEFUL romantic!

I still believe in romantic love.

I’m just passing on the fantasy.

How about you? Do you really believe you have to find a “one and only” to truly love someone, or can you just open up your heart and love whoever you find yourself loving?

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