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It’s Tough Always Being Right

I was in the bank today accessing my safety deposit box.

That’s where I keep my offsight backups.

The guy helping me couldn’t find my card so I could sign in.

When he said this I laughed and said, “It’s tough always being right.”

I said this because the last time I was in?

I saw the guy pull out my card but not put any marker where it came from.

Immediately at that time I thought, “I bet he won’t take the time to put it back where it actually belongs.”

Sure enough today my intuition was proven right.

As it so often is.

It’s tough always being right.

Sadly bank safety deposit cards?

They aren’t the only place where I experience this phenomenon.

I usually end up being right about you girls too.

I watch you chasing after “love.” but I know you’ll never find it. Because it cannot be found the way you try to bring it into your life.

You think love comes when a guy makes you feel excited.

Gives you an emotional jolt.

That feeling like you’re being “swept of your feet.”

If a guy doesn’t do that for you right way?

You decide he’ll never be anything more than a friend.

But I know the guy that gives you that thrill is not relationship material. He’s gonna let you down just like all the other guys before him have done.

It’s tough always being right.

The reason you respond to him like you do?

It’s because nature has wired you for the Bad Boy.

But that’s just about getting you to have sex with him.

So babies can get on their way.

Then he’ll leave you with your babies.

And you’ll cry yourself to sleep.

You say, “Oh but I’m sure that he’ll protect me. He makes me feel safe because he’s confident and strong.”

But he always lets you down.

It’s tough always being right.

I see this again and again and again.

You know who won’t let you down though?

That guy you think could never be anything more than just your friend.


He’s got the moral fiber and character to be there for the long run, but he comes wrapped up in a package that your wiring says is boring.

It’s tough always being right.

Excitement is NOT love.

Intensity is not intimacy.

You really like this other guy of course.

He feels all warm and fuzzy.

You enjoy his company and like spending time with him.

He’s like the brother you never had.

But he doesn’t rev your engine.

So you think he can’t be “the one.”

It’s tough always being right.

You don’t realize that real romantic love comes from taking the time to get to know a real live person for who he actually is.

You know…by becoming friends first?

From slowly growing in your affection as you share about yourselves?

You say, “But he feels like ‘friend material.'”

“He just feels all wrong for love.”

It’s tough always being right.

Because he is the guy you should be loving.

Real love is comfortable and warm.

Not hot and exciting.

You think he feels boring do you? You need to come to appreciate the simpler things in life.

Things like contentment.



This is the stuff of REAL romantic love.

Stuff that goes the long haul.

But like I said.

It’s tough always being right.

That’s why I know you won’t listen to me this time either.

And your heart will break again.

Just like it did the last time.

And so on and on you will go.

It’s tough always being right.

Tell me girls. Do you want me to keep being right about all this or would you like to prove me wrong for a change?

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