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It’s So Nice To Meet Someone Who Gets It

As you might suspect by now?

I seldom meet people who agree with me.

Apparently my relationship perspective?

Most people think it is totally “out there.”

I always find this funny of course, because to me what I’m telling you is OBVIOUS. How anyone can look at the state of relationships today, and miss what I’m saying is beyond me.

Be that as it may?

This is a fate I just accept now.

I travel a very lonely road.

At least on the “relationship agreement” front anyway!

This doesn’t really matter to me, because what I’m actually about is connecting. If you don’t think what I’m saying makes sense, that doesn’t affect my relationship life in any way.

But every now and then?

I meet someone who totally “gets it.”

A person who like me, just wants LOVE.

Not everything else you always chase instead.

I met this guy at a pub meetup several months back, and it was really amazing. As I shared with him how I approach my love life, he just beamed.

He told me, “You’ve figured it out.”

When he was younger he actually lived it.

He enjoyed love with the girls he met.

If they wanted to OWN him, he sent them on their way.

But then the fateful moment happened, when he decided to move in with one of them. Of course she promised she wouldn’t try to own him, but naturally she couldn’t make good.

Over time the encroachment ensued.

First it was just living together.

Then they had the children.

Sure enough?

Over the years her possessiveness grew.

Now this guy is totally stuck in an emotionally unconnective relationship. It is not exactly sexless, but given the lack of connection they have, it might as well be.

Though he finds connection with other girls?

They too just want to use him.

He still remains sexually faithful of course.

But it is killing him.

All he really wants is LOVE.

But his partner is incapable of giving it.

If it weren’t for the children he would probably leave, and since she doesn’t want to work on herself, that would be my recommendation to him.

But since he has integrity?

He will remain.

It’s hard to watch, but my hands are tied.

Nothing I can do about it.

It’s nice to know he “gets it” anyway.

I just wish he could live it again too.

Maybe when the kids are grown he will.

What do you think? Are you capable of “getting it” that you should just enjoy love where you find it, or are you one of the vast majority who are destined to keep chasing the hopeless dream?

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