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It’s Okay To Wait For Sex

One of my female readers wrote me to express her feelings about this subject.

Because she had to work through her fear about becoming sexual.

She experienced pressure from a guy she was with to “give it up” before she was ready.

When she told him “No” he took that as a sign he ought to try harder.

His pick up artist “dating coaches” had convinced him girls really want to have sex.

They just don’t want to be perceived as sluts.

So they feign resistance hoping you’ll push through it.

This gives them “plausible deniabilty” and the ability to claim “it just happened.”

The only thing this guy actually accomplished was to make sure this girl never felt comfortable being alone with a guy.

She quit dating altogether for years, so she would never have to face this awful experience again.

Guys…this is just terrible.

Completely unacceptable!

It is the fruit of you not getting your natural addiction to sex under control.

As this girl shared her story with me I told her I thought there was power in it.

That a lot of people would benefit if she would be willing to write a blog post about what she’s been through and how she’s come out the other side.

So she did!

And she agreed to let me share it anonymously, which I do here below.

I hope you girls will take this to heart. It really is okay to wait until you’re comfortable.

And I hope you guys will feel the pain and suffering you’re causing, when you don’t take the time to get to know a girl.

To really establish a connection with her that makes her comfortable enough, that she desires to be intimate with you.

Quit acting like it’s somehow your birthright to “get in her pants.”

Okay without further adeu, here is the anonymous blog post this special girl wrote for you:


I waited to have sex…until I was ready.

Girls if you are not comfortable talking to your partner about sex…then maybe you are not ready.

You should be able to have an open and honest conversation with someone that you are going to be that intimate with.

If you’re not comfortable talking to your Doctor about sex…then maybe you are not ready.

Talk to your doctor about your sexual health and birth control options.

A lot of girls leave it up to the guys to “take care of things” but girls it’s your body. Don’t you want to have a say in what happens to it?

Girls, you should feel empowered about your bodies and your decisions.

That’s right YOUR decisions.

Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something that you are not ready to do.

So you ask then, how do you know when you are really ready?

Only you can answer that question girls.

Maybe you are ready when it is making love and not just sex.

I have heard of so many girls having sex so young and they regret that decision.

Just because it is something they thought they should do or they wanted to get it over with.

And because a guy says that he loves you does not mean that you have to have sex with him.

Sure if you are feeling the same way and are ready to be with that person in every way, then have at it.

I was with a man for some time and he told me that he loved me.

Later on he told me that he only said that to see what I’d say or what would happen.

I am so glad that I did not sink to his pressure.

Guys, please stop telling girls you love them just because you think that will get you in their pants promptly afterwards.

So girls, be empowered.

Be informed.

And be ready…in your own way and time.

Now go have some amazing sex if that’s what YOU are really ready for!

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