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It’s Not Possible To Have A Long Distance Romantic Friendship

This has been suggested to me many times.

And I can understand why you might think so.

After all, if you and your partner can’t get together?

How is enjoying sexual fulfillment still possible?

Of course one solution to this conundrum, is if you do meet each other occasionally. I’ve suggested this very thing, when I’ve said I find the “girl in every port” type of lifestyle attractive.

It’s not necessary to be together all the time.

You can still enjoy sexual fulfilment when you do see each other.

The rest of the time you can still be connecting.

You just can’t be doing so physically.

But let’s suppose you can’t see each other at all, because of circumstances beyond your control. The past two years the “covid thing” has made your ability to travel restricted, to say the least.

How would you experience sexual fulfillment then?

Could you do phone or video sex instead of it?

While it might seem that’s a solution?

There’s a clear reason why it wouldn’t work.

At least not for me.

As I’ve told you before, sexual fulfillment is not about “getting off” or having orgasms. While this kind of “virtual sex” could be stimulating? It’s still not the same thing.

Sexual fulfillment in its essence?

It’s one of the highest forms of emotional bonding.

By enjoying rich touch together?

You allow oxcytocin to do it’s thing.

You can’t do this without physical touch, because without it you’ll just be dopamine chasing. That could be fun and I’m not telling you not to, but I’m looking for something much richer and emotionally bonding.

So doesn’t this mean the statement is true?

That you can’t REALLY have a long distance romantic friendship?

To finish this discussion off?

Let me show you why this still isn’t the case.

Romantic love as I’ve defined it is the DESIRE to experience sexual fulfillment and emotional connection. You can experience the desire, even when circumstances won’t allow you to completely express it between the two of you.

As long as you are not deliberately AVOIDING sex?

As long as you would still connect this way if you COULD do so?

You’re still experiencing a romantic friendship.

You’re just connecting in the ways that are available to you.

What do you think? Isn’t it possible to truly love someone even if you are prevented from fully expressing it, and isn’t the point the things you desire to share, whether or not life currently allows you to?

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