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It’s Not Foreplay It’s Actually Making Love

“For me foreplay is not a suggestion,” she said.

“It’s a requirement.”

Apparently the guys she’d been with so far?

They had a different take on it.

The reason of course is because guys and girls are wired with alternative circuits. As a guy you are wired to pump and dump, and she’s wired for nurture.

As I’ve said many times?

Nature is a cruel task master.

But to solve this endless Battle of the Sexes?

You need to become smarter than her.


Not smarter than the girl you’re with.

Smarter than NATURE!

Several years ago I would also have been a recipient of this girl’s condemnation. I didn’t see what sex had to do with love, so why should it take more than a couple minutes?

After all?

How long does it really take to get off?

Clearly for me back then?

It was about 30 seconds!

What I didn’t appreciate at the time of course?

For you girls things take quite a bit longer.

But what did I care how long it took for the girl I was with to reach the point of arousal? As long as I was erect and firm, I could quickly get in and out with my treasure.

This is a huge reason for it.

For what?

For your sexless relationship.

If you want her to ever desire you again?

You need to listen to what I’m saying.

Girls become aroused when they really feel loved, and they feel loved when you take your time with them. Once they see you are self-controlled enough to pleasure them first, their bodies will open up for you.

Your problem though?

You don’t see what this means.

You think caressing and exploring her is boring.

That urge you feel between your knees?

It’s the only thing you think is important.

I used to be a 2 minute wonder myself, and thought guys who could make it 20 minutes were amazing. I didn’t realize solving that quick trigger of mine, would ultimately teach me what making love was.

Now what I hear from guys?

They think I’M the stud apparently!

It’s hilarious!

But lasting an hour or more isn’t the point.

What I really take pleasure in now is fully enjoying HER enjoyment.

What do you say guys? Are you going to continue giving girls reasons not have sex with you, or will you finally understand what actually making love is?

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