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It’s Better To Raise Kids With Someone You’re Not In Love With (Part 2)

A female Facebook friend today?

She wrote a post about a scientific article.

It talks about how after you give birth?

You’re a completely different girl.

My Facebook friend thought it was both funny and sad you needed a scientist to tell you this. As if any girl who’s given birth has any doubt that this is true.

Then she began to describe it all.

How she’s experienced her two BIGGEST transformations.

In the past 17 months?

She’s given birth to not one daughter but two.

“Am I different?” she asked herself. “Yes!! Down to a cellular level.” Not only her body but her “emotions, outlooks, fears, worries, compassion” and “understanding of the world, dreams and goals” have all changed too.

“All of it has changed” she said.

“My mind, my soul, my spirit.”

They have all been “turned inside out.”

“Upside down.”

“Becoming a mother has been the deepest, most profound event in my 39 years of living. And by far the greatest joy and biggest challenge ever experienced.”

So guys?

Do you see any problems here?

You thought YOU were the biggest event in her life didn’t you?


You’ve just been demoted to a very distant second at best.

Notice she doesn’t say that YOU are her greatest joy anymore or that YOU’VE affected her so significantly. The girl you loved and “committed” yourself to is no longer present at all.

Of course if your girl is 39?

You can probably already tell this is going to happen.

Her biological clock is firing on all cyclinders now.

That’s why she’s so anxious for you to COMMIT to her.

This is why I insist you realize you are better to raise kids with someone you’re not in love with. Otherwise once those kids come along, she is no longer going to be in love with you.

It may not happen instantly.

But the metamorphasis is all but inevitable.

So if you want kids, go for it.

But forget about romantic love with their mom!

What do you think boys and girls? Can you read what this mother wrote above and question what I’m telling you, and will you still hold on to “the dream” no matter how many times it fails?

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