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It’s Better Not To Comply With Your Partner’s Wishes

The first time we met in person?

She rented an airbnb near me.

That long distance romantic friendship of ours?

It was time for a little “in person.”

Though the place she chose was within walking distance of mine, when she invited me to move in with her for the two weeks she’d be here, I took her up on it.

Within the first few hours?

She gave me a compliment.

Whenever she went in to use the bathroom?

She noticed the toilet seat had been put down for her.

When she thanked me for my thoughtfulness I laughed to myself, because of how that one can be quite the test for couples. Since I’d been married though for many years before, I had long since been acclimatized to “comply” regarding it.

Recently though?

She visited me once more.

But instead of her renting herself a place?

We decided it was “safe” for her to move in with ME.

Within a few minutes of being here she took note the toilet seat had not been put down, but had remained in the upright position.

Since she is a chill girl though?

She jokingly played the “distraught partner” part.

Said we’d have to get counselling now.

Help deal with this “relationship trauma.”

I laughed with her and admitted it’s not my normal behavior on my own to put it down, since for myself generally that would be inconvenient. Something you girls rarely think about with this one!

And even though I tried while she was with me this time?

I found myself putting it back down inconsistently.

Best as I could tell, what I was fighting with?

How my own digs were causing a lot of HABITUATION.

But when she first pointed it out and I acknowledged I’d “dropped the ball” on not dropping the seat, I reminded her too that irrespective of that, “It’s my place.”

With Romantic Friendships?

Different “rules” apply.

At her place you do it the way she likes.

At your place she respects what you’re wanting.

What do you think? Though in marriage most times the guy just learns to “comply,” can you see how it’s better to just respect each other’s spaces?

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