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It Ain’t Me Babe

A couple nights ago I took a trip down memory lane.

Listened to Jesse Cook’s rendition of this Dylan classic.

Memories of the Banff Center for Performing Arts.

I saw Jesse perform a few years ago there.

This Dylan piece is a rendition of a common relationship scenario. It is an emotionally unavailable guy telling the girl who is doting over him to go away from his window because he can’t be what she wants.

As I listened again I thought about my long term partner.

How she too hoped I would be what the song’s heroine desires.

But instead I told her, “Everything inside is made of stone.”

I showed her over and over, “There’s nothing in here moving” too.

But all that has changed for me and now I am able to be truly connective. I am able to share my heart with you if you are a girl I experience romantic desire for.

I’m more than happy to do for you much of what this song expresses.

I’ll be “strong” for you.

“Protect and defend” you.

I really enjoy opening those doors!

But there is one thing the song’s heroine desires I can never ever offer you. Though I am no longer avoidant I can only love you with an open hand.

I won’t promise “never to part.”

Though I likely will never “leave you.

I won’t “close my eyes” for you.

I will always remain open to other loves.

I won’t “gather flowers constantly” for you and I may not be able to always be there each time you “fall” or “call.” Though you beg me for monogamy I will never be a “lover for your life and nothing more.”

If that is what you desire from me then it is very true still.

“It ain’t me babe.”

“No, no, no. It ain’t me babe.”

“It ain’t me you’re lookin’ for babe.”

The reason I will not offer you all this is because I know what will happen if I do so. The very love you are looking for will end up fading away over time.

This is why what I offer you instead?

It is to enjoy a romantic friendship.

By protecting our love from it’s common threats?

We can enjoy a love that never dies.

How about you? Can you understand that although my loving you doesn’t mean becoming your “one and only” it is still the case that you will truly have my heart?

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